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A Open Letter From MCP


While the pandemic has been hard on all theater, the pandemic has been extremely hard on MCP.


Just before the lockdown, we made the move to the Mall of Monroe. We did this in order to be able to have a venue that would ensure a steady stream of revenue by performing small cast show, musical revues, etc. over multiple weekends. Also we would be closer to the public and be able to bring theater to a whole new audience. Unfortunately, that was made impossible by the pandemic and safety concerns.


Over the summer, MCP had a very successful fund raising drive. Our first ever bottle drive raised almost $3000 and our “Moved In Sale” continues to contribute. Also during the summer, volunteers organized, and repaired what we thought would be our new home; replacing lights, adding fixtures. But extremely high utility bills and rent for a space that cannot be used to generate revenue has destroyed our bank accounts




And we are working to keep holding on. Plans are being made for a Introduction to Theater class taught by President David P. Wahr. Also we are developing a children’s program with a half hour long show and music all to raise the money MCP needs to survive.


Everything depends on how Covid 19 plays out in Monroe County.

The point to be made is that Monroe Community Players face a very real possibility of becoming a happy memory of what used to be.

Or MCP may grow into something different altogether.


But one thing is for sure, we need your help now. Financially yes, but more importantly your support in the community and to our upcoming programs. Thank you for your attention.