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God of Carnage Auditions

First published in 2008 this play is about two sets of parents; the son of one couple has hurt the son of the other couple at a public park. The parents meet to discuss the matter in a civilized manner. However, as the evening goes on, the parents become increasingly childish and the meeting devolves into chaos. Originally written in French, the play was translated into English by translator Christopher Hampton, and has enjoyed acclaim in productions in both London and New York.

This play requires only adult actors and has mature content.

Characters (2 female, 2 male): Annette Raleigh, Michael Novak, Veronica Novak, and Alan Raleigh

Show Dates: March 31, April 1, and April 2.

This play, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Drama, explores the lives and love of Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III over their 50 year relationship.

Presented in the Readers Theater style the characters, sitting side by side at tables, read the notes, letters and cards which discuss their hopes and ambitions, dreams and disappointments, victories and defeats that have passed between them throughout their separated lives.

Show dates are February 16, 17, 18, and 19, 2023.

CAST (changes each performance)

February 16: Jim Abb and Joan Pashaian

February 17: Ronald Roberts and Emily Porter

February 18: David Wahr and Mary Barnas

February 19: Norb Nowak and Sharon Buckley

Director: Brian Burchette-Ross

Assistant Director: Kathleen McBee