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Monroe Community Players

Board of Directors

President David P. Wahr
Vice President Kathy Vanderbush
Treasurer Ron Roberts
Recording Secretary Andrea Hubert
Corresponding Secretary
Members At Large Amanda Brockman
Brent Huber
Robert Yoman

Duties of the Board

  1. Conduct routine business and regular affairs of the group
  2. Audit the Treasurer’s books at the end of each fiscal year, at the request of the President, or when a new Treasurer takes office during the year
  3. Make the final selection of plays and group activities
  4. Meet at least once a month at times and places determined by the President
  5. Accept responsibility as committee chairperson of a respective committee as assigned by the President

How To Become a Board Member

  1. To be a candidate for an elective office, a person must be an adult paid member by December 1 of the current season.
  2. A Nominating Committee (of at least 3 members, including one board member) shall be appointed in March. The Committee presents a slate of qualified candidates for office at the annual meeting. Directors at large in the first year of their term may be nominated for another office.
  3. Voting takes place at the annual meeting.
  4. President, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer serve two (2) years and are elected in odd years. Vice-President and Recording Secretary also serve two (2) years and are elected in even years.Roles of the Board MembersPresident
    1. Preside over and conduct all regular, Board and special meetings of the group
    2. Appoint any committee chairpersons and committees deemed necessary by the Board
    3. Appoint Directors for all productions
    4. Coordinate all regular and special activities of MCP
    5. Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees
    6. Have powers and duties usually vested in the office of the president of a corporation


    1. Exercise all powers, authority and duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence or inability to preside
    2. Preside over any meeting called to consider impeachment of the President
    3. Undertake any other tasks prescribed by the President
    4. Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees
    5. Be responsible for any other duty assigned by the President or Board of Directors

    Recording Secretary

    1. Keep and record the minutes of all regular and special meetings of the membership and/or the Board of Directors including the annual meeting, and have the minutes available for the membership’s perusal
    2. Provide information to appropriate committees regarding all MCP activities
    3. Keep an accurate account of members based on information provided by the Treasurer
    4. Be responsible for any other duty assigned by the President or Board of Directors

    Corresponding Secretary

    1. Handle any and all regular and special correspondence as directed by the President and/or Board of Directors
    2. Provide information on a timely basis to the local news media concerning MCP meetings and activities
    3. Report to the President and Board of Directors at each monthly meeting on any correspondence received or sent since the last monthly meeting
    4. Act as editor of the monthly MCP newsletter
    5. Produce and edit the seasonal brochure
    6. Produce and edit the Program for each show
    7. Be responsible for any other duty assigned by the President or Board of Directors


    1. Have custody of, and responsibility for, all financial transactions of the corporation, including dues, ticket proceeds, donations, grants, etc…
    2. And shall keep the membership and Board advised of the financial condition of the corporation at each monthly meeting
    3. Prepare a written treasurer’s report within thirty (30) days after each production and present it to the Board and general membership
    4. Keep an accurate account of members and report it to the Recording Secretary
    5. Make timely payment of all bills of the group
    6. Collect and deposit all dues and special assessments in a financial institution designated by the Board of Directors
    7. File all appropriate corporation documents in a timely fashion to the IRS and any other governmental units as required
    8. Prepare an annual financial report to be presented at the annual meeting as prescribed in Article V
    9. Be responsible for any other duty assigned by the President or Board of Directors

MCP members are invited to attend MCP Board Meetings.
MCP Board Meetings start at 7:00pm
Player’s Storefront
Manufacturers’ Marketplace
Unit 165
14750 LaPlaisance Road
Monroe, Michigan

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates

-September 11, 2018

-October  1st, 2018

-November 5th, 2018

-December 3rd, 2018

-January 7th, 2019

-February 4th, 2019

-March  4th, 2019

-April 1st, 2019

– May 6th, 2019

-June 3rd, 2019