The Monroe Community Players Podcast

Have a seat in the Green Room and listen to the “groupies” as they engage in behind-the-scenes theater discussions and all things related to running a community theater and putting on a great show!

Topics such as the philosophy of set design, how to sell more tickets, effective fundraising for community theaters, theater accessibility, inclusive casting in theater, show selection, and even what the hell is wrong with audiences/directors/actors are thoroughly covered and sometimes even researched.

In addition show news, reviews and even trips to the Tangentverse (you’ll have to listen to find out what this is)!

Listen to the latest episodes below or on your favorite podcasting platform.

Episode 71: "You've Got to Have Heart!" Broadway vs. Community Theater The Art & Business of Community Theater

The Groupies return with the question, where does the heart of theater truly live, Broadway or Community? Ron gets in two, count them two, sports references! Bob and Kathleen make several interesting points and Brian makes a startling announcement that could very well alter the group's dynamics… forever!!!!
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